Jeremi Ca


Why it’s Great

From the curator: Lines are regular throughout his work in an allover pattern demonstrating total mastery of his technique at a very young age. His pieces are extremely labor intensive and have a strong potential for growth and being recognised worldwide.

Jeremi Ca is a master of color and a master of lines. His work serves a dual purpose. It set out to explore the physical effects of color on the viewer and encourage the viewer to experience color as continually changing. By his intricate repetition of lines, read as a tweed fabric, appear and disappear as the viewer moves around the painting, like a magical happening. In his much acclaimed “Rainbow City” series, research and experiment with color and lines are paramount. He tirelessly trained with ketchup bottles but executed them with a free-hand. This technique requires an exceptional craftsmanship.

Jeremi has a Masters in Fine Art and lives in northern France. His works are in private collections around the world (USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore etc.). At only 35 years old, he already has public installations in different countries and his works have already been selected twice in 2014 and 2016 for auction sales.


  • Galerie Wagner, (Jan/Feb) – Paris France


  • Solo Show “ Rainbows”, (August), Galerie Gregoire, Paris, France.
  • Art Paris, Group Show, Galerie Wagner, (April), Grand Palais, Paris France.
  • Art Expo Malaysia, (October), Gallery des Artistes,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Galerie Wagner, (July/Oct), Le Touquet, France.


  • Art Expo Malaysia, Gallery des Artistes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • ACAF Brussels Group Show, (April), Brussels, Belgium
  • Gallery Pep Llabres, Group Show, Mallorca, Spain


  • Solo Show FInaltis Investment, (Nov/Dec), Paris, France.
  • Gallery Marimon, (Sep), Mallorca, Spain.
  • Argenteui, Paris, France – le Quatre, Collective Show.
  • Paris, France – Bastille International Contemporary Art Fair
  • Dinard, France, Galerie Courtois, Solo Show
  • Marseille, France – Contemporary Art Fair


  • Paris, France – Bastille International Contemporary Art Fair
  • Brussels, Belgium, Contemporary Art Show
  • Bruseels, Belgium, STROKAR Art fair
  • Bellevilloise, France – Affordable Art Fair
  • Marseille, France – Contemporary Art Fair
  • Wawre, Belgium – Solo Show AIC Insurance


  • Mulhouse, France – Contemporary Art Show
  • Chatou, Paris, France – Contemporary Art Fair
  • Rennes, France – Auction, Le Calvez and Associates
  • Argenteuil, Paris, France – le Quatre Collective Show
  • Bellevilloise, France – Affordable Art Fair


  • Paris, France – “Lavomatik” Urban Street Art “Open Walls”
  • Marseille, France – Street Art Show, Collective
  • San Roque, Peru – Artist Residency “Walls of the Jungle” Sachaqa Centre.
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