Muriel Matt


Why it’s Great

From the curator: With bursts of life and colour, these works are being recognised in France and Europe. A distinct signature style, a very active exhibition schedule make these works have a very good potential for appreciation.

Muriel translates life into colours. Self-taught, she held a crayon before she was able to walk. Born in 1976, she devoted her time to painting.

Her fascinating portraits are full of contrasts and vibrant colours to which nobody remains indifferent. She experimented with oil but switched to acrylic paint as her favourite medium to allow saturation and texture with thick applications.

Her style is bright and full of fantasy, a blend of naif, tribal, Pop and Street. They are very graphic and and recognisable. Muriel paints deliberately exaggerated eyes, being for her “the window to the soul “that convey an array of emotions: curiosity, astonishment, wonder and fear.

She very actively exhibits all over France, including in 2017 at the famous Grand Palais in Paris and in Switzerland. In 2016 she won the European Artistic Award.



27/01-29/01 : International Contemporary Art Show, Paris

14/02-19/02 : French Artists Show– Grand Palais, Paris

24/02-26/02 : Contemporary Art Show, Toulouse, France

12/03-26/03 : Spring Art Show, la Baule, France.

24/03-26-03 : Contemporary Art Show, Nantes, France.

07/04-09/04 : Contemporary Art Show,Lyon, France.

28/04-30/04 : Contemporary Art Show, Metz, France.

04/05 – 07/05 : Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland.

11/05-15/05 : SMART Art Fair, Aix-en-Provence, France.

13/10 – 15/10 : International Art Fair, Nice, France.

01/11-05/11 : International Art Fair,Bordeaux,France.

17/11-19/11 : International Art Fair,Mulhouse,France.




02/12-04/12 : International Art Fair, Montpellier,France.

09/11-03/12 : Solo exhibition at Amodiau Gallery,Rodez,France.

18/11-20/11 : International Art Show,Mulhouse,France.

14/10-16/10 : International Art Show,Nice,France.

09/10-16/10 : Art Fair,Cholet,France.

04/10-18/10 : 52nd Fall Art Show, La Baule, France.

15/09-25/09 : 44th Fall Art Show,Colomiers,France.

10/08-19/08 : 37th Art Show in Haute-Loire,France.

09/07-18/07 : 34th Art and Sculpture Show in Vittel,Framce.

27/05-12/06 : MAEF Art Show, (European Artistic Merit Award )

22/04-08/05 : 36th Spring Show for Lion Club, Angers, France.

15/04-24/04 : Spring Art Show, Nantes,France.

18/03-20/03 : ARTOULOUS’EXPO, Toulouse, France.

22/01-24/01 : International Art Show, Nantes, France.

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