Artist Profile

Thierry Trivès

Pop Sculptor

Why it’s Great

From the curator: TT, as commonly known has found his signature style with his BBToons and his works convey a positive and colorful message that has a great appeal.For collectors in search of innovative and promising artworks by one of France’s most celebrated Pop artists.

Born in 1966, Thierry lives and works in the South of France. Painter, sculptor, experimenting with a variety of media, Thierry finds a lot of inspiration in Keith Haring. His signature pieces “Peace & Toons “are found around the world, from Paris to Dubai and now in Hong Kong. A panda silhouette, symbolizing peace and friendship, made in high grade acrylic l, his sculptures are luminous, pure and modern in their design and colors and refined in their craftsmanship making Thierry one of France’s top emerging artist in the Pop Art movement.

He also has monumental works in Courchevel (the top ski resort in the world) and Cannes.



HONG KONG, Gallery des Artistes

Riva 100, World Wide Event


​Lille, France – ABCynth’ Galerie – Group Show

​Cannes, France. Galerie Vieceli – Permanent Artist

​Luxembourg. Contemporary Art Fair

​Paris, France. Contemporary Art Show

​Marseille, France. “L’Appartement Galerie” Group Show

​Cannes, France. Art Addict Gallery – Group Show


​Mulhouse, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

​Nice, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

​Rouen,France. “ArtUp” Contemporary Art Show

​Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “Affordable Art Fair”

Reims,France. “Galerie 28” Group Show


Rachincourt, France. “So Art” with ABCynth’Galerie

Lille,France. Contemporary Art Fair

Paris, France. “Blancs Manteaux” Expo 4 Art

London, UK. “Affordable Art Fair”

Strasbourg, France. Contemporary Art Fair

Toulouse, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

Aix-en-Provence, France. Contemporary Art Show.

Cannes, France. City Twon Hall, Solo Exhibition.

Brussels, Belgium. Contemporary Art Fair.

Paris,France.Contemporary Art Show

Colorfield Gallery – Group Show

Lyon, France. Contemporary Art Show

Cannes, France. Galerie Signatures – Group Show

Paris, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

Salon Paris Versailles


Montpellier,France. Contemporary Art Fair

Mulhouse, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

Nice, France. Contemporary Art Fair.

Bordeaux, France. Contemporary Art Show.

Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. “Citadelle” Art Show

Nimes, France. Gallery “Corps et Ame” Group Show

Galerie Corps & âmes

DUBAI.  “Unique Gallery” Group Show

Cavalaire,France. “Galerie 83” Group Show

Galerie ART83

Montreux, Switzerland.”Galerie Samart” Group Show

New York, USA.” Pop International Gallery” Group Show

Montreal, CANADA.”Galerie Michel Ange” Group Show

St Raphael, France. “ArtLife Gallery” Group Show