Veronique Vantesone


Why it’s Great

From the curator: Hot legs, sexy legs, plump legs………with her narrow subject, the artist is exploring all aspects of her favourite theme creating her unique style.

Her works are sensual and humorous and very appreciated by collectors.

Veronique’s first contact with clay was in 1998 and it was a revelation, a magical moment. A housewife before that, she embarked on her artistic journey and never looked back. She studied ceramics, sculpture and started by making nudes until one day, watching the Olympic Games on TV, she was mesmerized by Synchronized Aquatic Ballet and decided to specialize in only female legs.

She alternates her mediums, from clay to bronze, painted or glazed but always elegant and sensual. For Veronique, legs are the symbol of feminine sensuality and she set out to attain perfection in her chosen subject. Her legs are sometimes hand painted, sculpted, with stockings, teasing, with a pose, plump but always alluring.

Legs are found in many private collections around the world and exhibited in major art shows all over France.


International Contemporary Art Show, Marseilles, France.



Permanent Artist at Galerie Angelique, St Maximin, France.

Gustave Courbet Galeire, Palavas, France.

International Contemporary Art Show, Marseille, Framce.



Permanent Artist at Galerie 28,Avignon, France.

Exhibition “Ateliers de France”, Montpellier, France.

Exhibition Galerie Histoire d’Arts, Nice, France.

International Contemporary Art Fair, Bastille, Paris, France.

Arts in the Luberon, Bonnieux, France.


International Contemporary Art Show,Marseille,France.



Internatinal Contemporary Art Fair,Bastille,Paris,France.

International Contemporary Art Show, Marseilles, France.



Art Creation Show,Bordeaux,France.

International Art Biennale, Laudun, France.



International Painting and Sculpture Show, Haute-Savoie, France.

Award 1st place in competition.

Artist Showcase