Edith Ho

Founder/Director of GdA

Cultures, people and places is what drives me! Having moved around the world with my parents, both diplomats, I grew up and lived in France before moving to Asia 25 years ago.

Married to Edwin Ho, nephew of Macau casino magnate, Stanley Ho (何鸿燊), hence my surname. I am myself of dual heritage, Danish/Brazilian, but France is my love and my passion. I have been collecting art for more than 2 decades until I decided to launch Gallery des Artistes in 2017, wanting to showcase in the region the newest trends and most promising and established contemporary artists with a strong focus on France, which is at the forefront of an exciting scene of Pop and Street art.

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Edith Ho


Jean-Charles Scheubel

Artist Liaison (France)

Marie-France Agostini

Artist Liaison (France)

David Leung

HK/China Area Manager

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