The Gallery@Tropicana is a contemporary art gallery, in a large modern style building, located in Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main exhibition hall has a 120 square meter surface and a 8 meters high ceiling. The hall has a huge glass facade opening on a 600 square meter sculpture garden. The gallery is home to a vast private collection of contemporary art from around the world that can viewed through appointment.

All fine art disciplines are exhibited at the Gallery@Tropicana (painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass etc.). Our focus is to showcase the best Pop and Contemporary artists with a strong focus on France.

The gallery aims to develop a long term relationship with all exhibited artists, to hold art appreciation talks and private tours of the gallery’s permanent and temporary exhibitions and collections.

The Gallery@Tropicana also welcomes performing arts and other events (fashion shows, presentations, press conferences, books launches, etc.).
Offering a large choice of disciplines, artists and styles, we aim to:

  • build bridges between groups of artists, disciplines and collectors;
  • bring contemporary art to a larger audience;
  • promote mainly French artists to the community and the international public.

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