What's Happening
What's Happening
Gallery des Artistes Steals the Spotlight at ’50s Special: Italian Cocktail & Dinner Event

New GungHo artwork "A Beautiful Ride" auctioned at glamorous event in KL organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce

What's Happening
What's Happening
"Art in Hotel" Exhibition @ W Hotel KL

W Kuala Lumpur has collaborated with Gallery des Artistes to present a curated selection of interactive artwork.

What's Hot
What's Hot
"Smile" by Shy Guy

innovative art pieces blending typography and neon

New in our Collection
New in our collection
"Empress Chill" GungHO series
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New Collections


by Shy Guy

Shy GUY’s extremely appealing and quirky typographic neon art bring text and letters to life. The unique blend of vivid light colors and catchy text convey emotions and specific messages in an extremely seductive and contemporary style.

Empress Chill

by GungHO

Crazy Asians is the third collection to emerge from the Gung HO dynamic trio and carries the usual provocative style and humour associated with the brand. Bold, bright and direct, it features sultry, independent and confident images that pay homage to the feminine.

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