Woman and Proud as HELL Exhibition

This exhibition focuses on art in the #MeToo era and is an ode to women. This is the 1st time that these artists’ works are exhibited in Malaysia, culminating in one of the most encompassing shows focusing on the theme of Women Empowerment.

All the works shown have been exclusively created and curated for this exhibition. The works of these 3 French contemporary artists explore the notions of feminism and feminity and try to defend the ideas of the many injustices in today’s world that women still have to struggle with. Characterized by bold, flashy colours and highly textured techniques, the works have a definite Pop and Street Art flair.

Each one of the 3 artists was able to capture the essence of the challenges that women still face today:

Veronique V’s ceramics express feminity and are a rallying cry for women’s independence.

Christine’s paintings with their catchy slogans remind us of the many rights that we have to defend.

JM Robert’s portraits show women’s beauty and strength through their perennial imprint on walls.

The overall aesthetics combined with the clear messages that the artworks deliver is a stunning mix of mediums and colours.


Open every day by appointment only.

+60122099198 (Edith Ho)

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