Gung HO themed mooncakes a hit!

W Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, teamed up with Gallery des Artistes in launching a hit series of mooncakes that is functional, trendy and tasty all at once!

The mooncake set included 4 mooncakes of your choice encased in a reversible sequined bedazzled box that you can carry around in style in a bright tangerine or sky blue tote bag. A recent collaboration between gallery curator Edith Ho and artists Jonny Zerox and Lim Kok Hong, dubbed the Gung HO collective, sees the mooncakes packaged in trendy individual boxes depicting whimsical, bold and somewhat outrageous portraits with vibrant Asian influences.

The mooncakes were perfectly crafted by the culinary team a YEN, W Kuala Lumpur’s contemporary Cantonese restaurant. Sadly, they have already sold out for 2020, so be sure to grab them early next year!