Why it’s Great

From the curator: Intricate and unique visual language, Hersk has reached the culmination of his art in this series. His personal style and vibrant colors are not only being recognized worldwide, but he is also a teacher of graffiti art in France and is sponsored by the Haemophilia Association of France to help patients through art therapy.

Why are people attracted to graffiti art? As the ultimate and most modern form of self-affirmation, graffiti art is nowadays recognized as a fine art form of which Hersk is a master. Born in Paris in 1979, he started tagging and spraying at age 10 with some cans found in his father’s garage. He experimented on different mediums, wood, metal, canvas and walls. He later moved to the South of France where he exhibited his first works and a prestigious gallery signed him up, propelling him to fame.  Today, Hersk has reached a mature style, a complex and colorful interlace of curls and twists and found his very personal graffiti lettering and language in his series “Something to Suck”. Working on wooden columns, he suddenly decided to change them into sculptures in ice-cream popsicle form. The ice-cream is melting, bitten, liquefied, transporting us back to the magic of our childhood.

Artist Showcase