Why it’s Great

From the curator: With his very unique and complex technique JM Robert found his own voice as an artist at a young age. His work is contemporary, bold and powerful and he is on his way to challenge the most established artists worldwide.

JM ROBERT was born in 1988 in Macon, France and started painting at a very young age.

He studied graphic design and décor at the Métiers d’Art in Paris. There he discovered Street Art and   observed facades of damaged buildings. Fascinated by degraded city walls and ruins, they became his source of inspiration and backgrounds of his works. The “broken concrete” effects in vivid colors is achieved with a very complex technique of mixing multiples materials like fillers and coatings on the canvas and then painting or spraying intense colors that will penetrate and sip into the cracks.

The juxtaposition of the faces, done in a stencil style but all painted with a brush and in black show a stark contrast between the strikingly colorful background and the graphic yet elusive, anonymous female faces.

A blend between Pop and Street Art, JM Robert’s work is young, powerful and dynamic and delivers a very contemporary message about the passage of time, degradation and a quick moment of attention that the beautiful women portrayed managed to grab from hurrying passersby.

Artist Showcase