Isa K

Artist Profile Isa K Pop Sculptor / Painter Why it's Great From the curator: With her very unique subject matter, Converse All Stars, the artist invites us to plunge into a poetic and mysterious journey: where have the shoes been? what have they seen? What can they tell us? Isa K has also mastered a very…


Artist Profile Hersk Pop Sculptor Why it's Great From the curator: Intricate and unique visual language, Hersk has reached the culmination of his art in this series. His personal style and vibrant colors are not only being recognized worldwide, but he is also a teacher of graffiti art in France and is sponsored by the Haemophilia…

Christine Gauthier

Artist Profile Christine Gauthier Painter Why it's Great From the curator: Christine’s message is one of fantasy, irony and happiness. She has achieved a unique cartoonish style that appeals to many collectors and viewers. Her technique is well mastered with all different mediums. About the ArtistFull BioAbout the Artist Christine lives and works in Provence. She started…


The artist mastered the meticulous and slow process of creating these enchanting unique pieces with her very own language. She definitively shows her touch and her hand. “Girls” are big, lush and happy pieces that are being recognized worldwide.

Jeremi Ca

Lines are regular throughout his work in an allover pattern demonstrating total mastery of his technique at a very young age. His pieces require extremely labor intensive work and have a strong potential for growth and being recognized worldwide.

Laeti de Flo

Unique visual language, extensive use of different media and very balanced compositions.
Laeti’s work is being recognized worldwide. Her work bridges cultures and is very much liked in different countries. She is successful wherever she shows.

Thierry Trivès

Born in 1966, Thierry lives and works in the South of France. A painter and sculptor who enjoys experimenting with a variety of media, Thierry finds a lot of inspiration in the work of Keith Haring. His signature “Peace & Toons” acrylic sculptures, which represent a panda silhouette symbolizing peace and friendship, can be found around the world, from Paris to Dubai and now in Hong Kong.