Veronique V.

Artist Profile Veronique V. Pop Sculptor Why it's Great From the curator: Hot legs, sexy legs, plump legs………with her narrow subject, the artist is exploring all aspects of her favourite theme creating her unique style. Her works are sensual and humorous and very appreciated by collectors. About the ArtistFull BioAbout the Artist Veronique’s first contact…

David Ferreira

Plunge in the fabulously rich and playful universe of David Ferreira, France’s most promising young artist! Born in 1982, he lives and works in Western France with his wife (his muse) and two young children – a family life that he depicts in his works. Having studied to become a land surveyor, David abandoned everything for art, which he describes as “a sensory experience”.

Laurence C.

Artist Profile Laurence C. Pop Sculptor About the ArtistFull BioAbout the Artist Born in 1967, Laurence lives and works in the South of France. She is completely self-taught and always wanted to be a writer but realizing she was not very good at it, she turned to painting and in the early 2000s and found…

Stephan Venekas

Born in 1966, Thierry lives and works in the South of France. A painter and sculptor who enjoys experimenting with a variety of media, Thierry finds a lot of inspiration in the work of Keith Haring. His signature “Peace & Toons” acrylic sculptures, which represent a panda silhouette symbolizing peace and friendship, can be found around the world, from Paris to Dubai and now in Hong Kong.

Sophie Feraud

Born in 1967, Sophie works is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nancy and currently resides in the South of France. Her perfectly mastered intricate technique focuses on movement and attitude. Sophie meticulously crafts every detail in her pieces, from the 3D figures to the overall composition, melding vibrant neon colors and epoxy resin.

Romuald Daniel

Artist Profile Romuald Daniel Ceramist Why it's Great From the curator: Romuald has a strong and very unique visual language and a perfectly mastered technique. Major galleries in Paris are interested in his works. About the ArtistFull BioAbout the Artist “Raku” means “happiness by accident” and it is an ancestral and difficult Japanese firing technique that…